IXON is a brand of motorcycling equipment created by and for motorcyclists. The company was founded in 1996 in France by Thierry Maniguet, a big fan of motorcycling. Today it is an international brand distributed in over 70 countries. But it has stayed close to its roots. Thierry Maniguet is still at the head of IXON, and our headquarters are still in France, in Mâcon. At IXON, we combine passion and expertise, so that the items you wear really meet your needs and help to enhance your riding experience.



After cabled airbags and radio-controlled airbags, electronic airbags have been the third generation motorcycle airbag in recent years.

This latest generation airbag does not involve attaching a cable or installing sensors. The IX-Airbag U03 stands out due to its technology and practical features: unlike electronic airbags which are directly incorporated into a jacket or electronic airbags that can only be fitted to certain brands of jacket, the IXON airbag was the first completely independent electronic airbag on the market, that is, an airbag that can be worn under any jacket or suit, like a vest.

Its technological level, protective capacity and user-friendliness make the IX-Airbag U03 a reference.

For more information about IXON's IX-Airbag U03, click here.


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